The Free Orchestra 2 Tutti Crescendo ProjectSAM

The Free Orchestra 2: Tutti Crescendo (brass & strings) by ProjectSAM

The November issue of The Free Orchestra 2 by ProjectSAM is now out. This time, the free Native Instruments Kontakt Player series has revealed Tutti Crescendo – the fourth library to be featured so far.

ProjectSAM’s Tutti Crescendo is a layered strings and brass ensemble. The instrumentation provided involves two octaves of the bass and middle sections of the orchestra, with samples derived from the company’s commercial library Symphobia 4: Pandora, released in late 2019.

Bright and Crisp Brass & Strings

The sound of Tutti Crescendo is notably bright and much more on the dry side, which in terms of production and sound design is of course very optimal. There are no artistic limitations that come with an already wet sound, so the possibilities are wide.

The articulated crescendos presented in this free Kontakt instrument can be rather “aggressive” to one’s taste, but this particular sound is ideal in situations where the composition needs that extra “punch” or an orchestral kind of sound that would cut through the mix nicely.

Having the right amount of flexibility, this library seems like a very good orchestral companion and a decent option for those who create cinematic arrangements, action music sequences and similar.

Adaptive Sync

What is probably the most exciting feature that this library has to offer, and the one that makes it stand out from other freebies, is its dedicated sync engine.

Thanks to the Adaptive Sync mechanism, the crescendos correspond to a specific time signature. The user is able to define the rhythm and speed of the articulation so it can fit the production’s musical tempo.

This unique feature doesn’t just artificially stretch the sound – in some parts, it actually replaces it with a specially recorded take. This level of variance and customization is something that you would expect from a paid library, definitely not from a free one.

The previous titles of The Free Orchestra 2 by ProjectSAM include Accenting Winds, Bold Legato Brass and Sul Tasto Strings.


If you already own The Free Orchestra 2, all you have to do to get the latest instrument is to update the library via Native Access. Otherwise, you may enter the ProjectSAM website and sign up so you can get your free copy. The library is compatible with the free Kontakt Player by Native Instruments (version 6.5.3 or higher).