Pianobook Monthly Highlights: Analog Goodness June '23

Amalgam Analogue

Amalgam Analogue by Stephen O’Connell is a Native Instruments Kontakt sample library, consisting of various analog synthesizer sounds.

It offers 12 audio outputs that you can mix, layer and manipulate. They represent all of the fundamental sounds that the library supplies: Basses, Leads, Plucks and Pads.

Each column (or sound category) presents three unique sound sources, labeled A, B & C. There’s a volume knob attached to every one of them. An effect chain, placed at the center of the interface, allows for further customization of the sound.


ASIMOV by Eysel d’Mont is a free Decent Sampler collection of retro/synthwave style sounds made in Vital and Surge XT. Despite its pure digital origins, it does an impressively good job at providing that sought-after analog essence of the 1980’s.

Straight out of the box, you are immediately hit with that very polished old school sound – that despite being a bit overly “baked” to one’s taste – is usable and production ready. In conjunction with the quality convolution reverb added by the developer – one can accomplish some satisfying results with much ease.

Project One Sixth Section Edition

The Project One Sixth Section Edition is a joint effort of two Poland-based musicians: Tom Toczkowski and Maciej Wójcik.

The two participated in a sound design competition, organized by Orchestral Tools earlier this year, titled “The Sixth Section”. The Kontakt library created by them for the contest (and which they now share on Pianobook) was a 2nd runner up.

They incorporated a bunch of analog synth sounds to create this quality, modern sounding instrument, which allows to blend two evolving textural layers of sound in a quite interesting fashion.

Voltage Controlled Cassette Organ

One of the biggest highlights of June is the Vintage Controlled Cassette Organ by Dehli Musikk.

The developer sampled his classic Korg CX-3 tonewheel organ through a good old cassette tape – and the result is simply astonishing.

VCCO is a multi-sampled instrument, and as described by the developer, he managed to record each individual note to create this extensive library.

This remarkable Decent Sampler VST plugin is undoubtedly one of the most impressive free drawbar organs I’ve come across – and not only on Pianobook. It screams quality in every way.

Worthy Mentions

  • YE C55 by carlosrgz – a Yamaha Electone C-55 rompler | classic e-organ (Decent Sampler)
  • FlowPluck by LukeMans – a collection of e-piano instruments including some physically modeled sounds and synth plucks (full Kontakt)
  • Gentle Harpsichord by JSamples (full Kontakt)
  • Imagine Piano by Jon Chapman (full Kontakt)