Meldway Grand Discount

Get Meldway Grand piano by Melda Production for FREE limited time offer

Czech-based developer MeldaProduction are celebrating their “hexadecimal” 16th anniversary. To mark the occassion, they are now offering some pretty lucrative discounts on their website that are worth looking at.

Sales vary from 55% all the way to 91% – with some popular plugin/instrument-based products such as the MSoundFactory and MSoundFactoryLE collections going now for less than 60% of their original full retail prices.

One particular discount that is definitely worth your attention is the 91% off sale on the MeldwayGrand piano, which is a multi-sampled Steinway Model D virtual instrument – compatible with the developer’s dedicated sampler known as the MSoundFactoryPlayer.

Originally priced at 99 euros, the Meldway Grand piano is now offered for only 9 euros – but you can actually get it for 0. Yes, that’s right. Zero. Completely free. No strings attached (pun intended).

How to get MeldwayGrand for free?

With every new mailing list subscriber, MeldaProduction give 10 euros worth of credits.

Considering the current sale, it automatically makes any 10 EUR priced product available for free, at no cost. Thankfully, MeldwayGrand is in that magic price range.

To get the 10 EUR voucher, scroll down on the MeldaProduction homepage until you see this newsletter subscription call-to-action that says “sign up and get 10 EUR worth of credits”.

Melda Production Newsletter Subscription Voucher
MeldaProduction’s newsletter offer

After you submit your email address, your 10 euro credits will be waiting in your account once registered.

Until the 30th of June as stated on the website, which is exactly a week from now, prices are expected to stay the same – so hurry up and tell your friends before it’s too late.

The Features: What does MeldwayGrand have to offer?

MeldwayGrand is a 40GB sample library that captures a meticulously recorded Steinway D concert piano that works in a dedicated sampler – the free MSoundFactoryPlayer. The player is available for 64-bit Windows, macOS and Linux* in the following plugin formats: VST, VST3, AAX & AU.

* Using the Wine compatibility software.

It has 7 stereo microphone perspectives, several dynamic velocity layers as well as additional sound design features that make it a very versatile piano.

Other similarly priced instruments include the PowerStrings orchestral/symphonic multi-articulated ensemble and the DreamMachines electronic drum kit.

If you are interested in a different product than the MeldwayGrand piano, here is a list of all the VST instruments and effects that are currently in the 10 euro credit price range:

  • MeldwayGrand
  • PowerStrings
  • DreamMachines
  • MDistortionMB
  • MDynamicEq
  • MFlangerMB
  • MRotary
  • MUltraMaximizer

For general knowledge, MeldaProduction actually include MeldwayGrand – as well as other plugin instruments/FX – in their MSoundFactory & MSoundFactoryLE bundles. Relevant sale prices for these two products are 99 euros (67% off) for the full version and 39 euros (61% off) for the lite edition.