The Creative ToolboX Piano

New Steinway grand piano for the free Kontakt Player

While scrolling through YouTube looking at production videos, I ran across Strezov Sampling‘s promotional of a freshly released piano VST, called The Steinway Grand.

This new plugin instrument appears to be part of a growing Kontakt Player-compatible line of free virtual instruments – labeled as The Creative ToolboX. It is the second installment in the series (with the first being a multi-sampled drum kit).

After the developer had already presented us with the impressive Felt Seiler about a year ago, one could only expect a similar level of instrument experience. Fortunately enough, this Steinway does just that.

The sound is a very typical Steinway (in a good way). It has a nice balance between warm and bright, just as you would expect. An interesting bonus is the added “Decca” mic position – which is essentially a textural layer of cinematic ambience.

The library offers a total of 3 microphone positions (Close, Hall & ambient), in addition to the same number of Round Robins and dynamic (Velocity) layers.

It will work on the free edition of Native Instruments Kontakt Player (7.2.0 and up), available for download through the developers’ website or via Native Access.

This piano joins the also recently-released LABS Autograph Grand – part of a free series of virtual instruments by Spitfire Audio.

The Creative ToolboX Piano

Developer: Strezov Sampling

Supports (Kontakt Player 7): Windows, macOS (VST3 / AU, AAX / 64bit / Stand-alone)

Size: About 4 Gigabytes