Splash Sound Jaw Harp - User Interface

This free jaw harp library is the best you’ll find

Being a producer for a good few years now, I’ve learned that quality jaw-harp libraries (well, specifically free ones) are quite hard to find.

However, during the weekend I stumbled upon this new Kontakt freebie, work of the developers at Splash Sound. This library presents a multi-sampled version of the iconic lamellophone instrument, also known as the “Jew’s Harp”.

The main (and only) Kontakt patch features a tunable* mouth harp that has 5 Round Robins and 3 dynamic layers – all wrapped up in this very slick, dark-themed design, showcasing its ancient Asian origins.

* Range is limited to eight notes, with the lowest being an A2 all the way to an E3 (root note is C#2).

Judging by the sound, I have found this virtual instrument to be rather pliable. Turning the reverb off, the sound is fairly dry, and with the added slider for dynamics control (which is auto-mapped to your modwheel) – you are easily able to achieve some great tonal variety.

This sample library is compatible with the complete version of Native Instruments Kontakt (6.4.2 or higher).

In case you might be interested, Splash Sound have plenty more Kontakt-oriented libraries in their free catalog.

Splash Sound Jaw Harp - User Interface

Size: About 40 Megabytes